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Fellow Missouri citizens, this petition is being sponsored by Missourians for the Unborn in an effort to raise awareness in the Missouri General Assembly as to the grievances against the innocent, unborn in Missouri. A brief note from our bill sponsor, Representative Mike Moon:

Since the US Supreme Court offered their opinion in Roe vs. Wade in 1973 to 2013, the number of abortions performed in the United States numbered 56,662,169. Annually, more than one million unborn children are killed as a result of abortion.

In addition, women also suffer as a result of the procedure. Some are left unable to carry a baby to full-term. A myriad of additional complications may follow abortion, such as, chronic abdominal pain, infection, and even sterility.

Missouri law (RsMO 1.205) states that the general assembly recognizes that life begins at conception and that both the unborn child and the natural parents have a protectable interest in the life and health of the unborn child through every stage of development… unless an entity, such as the federal government, says otherwise.

The recent undercover videos exposing the alleged involvement of Planned Parenthood in the harvesting and sale of body parts of unborn children has raised the ire in some calling for the defunding of the organization. If we take a moment to ponder the bigger picture, we realize that this discussion would not be taking place if we did not allow the murder of our unborn children in the first place.

During the 2015 legislative session HB 1033 was filed. The bill’s intent was to stop abortion in Missouri. The bill was allowed no committee hearing. Our new bill will have language which recognizes unborn babies as persons. With this language, Missouri statutes will be brought in line with Constitutional language.

Since the Planned Parenthood fiasco, interest in reviving the bill for filing in the 2016 session has been expressed. In order for the bill to be referred and heard in committee, the House leadership must have a reason to make that happen.

Presenting a petition signed by thousands of Missouri citizens is likely to get the attention of the general assembly.

Please sign the petition and forward it to as many others as you are able. With your help we can do this!

For Life,

Representative Mike Moon (r)

Dist 157

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